Best 6 Greatest Landscapes in Britain

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Best 6 Greatest Landscapes in Britain

The River Avon at Hanham — Bristol

Best 6 Greatest Landscapes in Britain

Tombolo in St Ninian’s Isle — Scotland

After our Top 5 Places to Visit in the UK Out of London article, we realized you’re craving town life that was more countryside and less, and below we’ve listed the 6 landscapes in Britain┬áthat you have to see!

Best 6 Greatest Landscapes in Britain

Land’s End — Cornwall

The River Avon (also known as the Lower Avon or Even Avon Bristol) in Hanham, in Bristol, Is an Excellent place to go for a Jog, or take your dog for a walk.

Best 6 Greatest Landscapes in Britain

It has lovely scenery and is very quiet, allowing you some time to your own!

The Beach in Beer — Devon

Photo courtesy of Shetland Amenity

Trees in Arboretum and Queenswood Country Park — Herefordshire

What a view of This Tombolo in St Ninian’s Isle, in the coast of the Mainland Shetland, Scotland.

Best 6 Greatest Landscapes in Britain

This small island has the greatest active tombolo (known as a ayre) from the UK. During the summertime , the tombolo is above sea level, and during the winter sand is removed by strong wave activities in the shore, therefore it is coated in a high wave. A wonderful place to see, with pubs and places to eat upon the isle.

River Mellte, Brecon Beacons, Powys — Wales

Land’s End in Cornwall is a very popular place for tourists, this is right down to the amount of activities on offer, from surfing and visiting gardens, into treating yourselves into a spa afternoon and appreciating the Cornish pasties! Located within the Penwith peninsula, Sennen Cove is overlooked by Land’s End .

The Village of Beer is situated in Northeast Devon, along a long Coast.

This is now a portion of the South West Coastal Path and is England’s first natural World Heritage Site. When you see you can select to remain in a bus, a hotel elect for camping that is great.

While still being close to nature in exactly the same time On the lookout? This is the place for you! Arboretum and queenswood Country Park provides a place to wonder about while shooting at the sights to you.

Photo courtesy of Geoff Newman

This river from Wales is formed by the meeting of the Afon Lila and the Afon Dringarth.

The name of the river comes from Mellt that the welsh word for’lightening’. Many people come here to enjoy the gorgeous views that surround them.

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What’s been your favorite of these landscapes in Britain? Leave a comment below with queries or┬árecommendations!

Best 6 Greatest Landscapes in Britain